Young men and women follow father Jordan, living by the Gospel and being witnesses of Christ on earth

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News & Events

Outreach Program in Bahay San Jose Orphanage

IMG_0694The Father Jordan Youth celebrated their anniversary in a totally different manner. Instead of having a big celebration or party, the FJY together with the brother- facilitators conducted an outreach program. Bahay San Jose, an orphanage of aIMG_0730bandoned special people was the chosen place of the FJY to help. It was such a big opportunity for all the members to experience handling and taking care of such people with mental illnesses. The new Filipino brothers had also the chance to join the said outreach. The whole day was spent with such satisfaction, many realizations and sort of a self- fulfillment. As many of the youth members would say; “it’s a one of a kind experience, ang astig ng anniversary natin ah! (our anniversary was so cool).” The said program is also part of the Father Jordan Youth as well as the Salvatorian brother’s Apostolate.

Blessed Deaconate ordination

IMG_0193Today stains another grand and a memorable day for the Society of the Divine Savior as it celebrates the Blessed Deaconate ordination of the SDS Scholastics brothers, Dominic, Theeban and Damien (both from Sri Lanka) .
It was another day of rejoicing for the community to witness the profession of faith of the said brothers being accepted as Deacons. Together with the other PIME brothers, they altogether step another milestone in their religious life. The two Congregations especially the Salvatorian community had a big preparation for the said event, not only because it was a special celebration, but also because it was an International Ordination, as the East, West, and other parts of Asia unites for a big special occasion.
The ordination was made also more remarkable because of the Feast of St. Thomas tIMG_0202he Apostle which was also celebrated during the said occasion. The holy Eucharist was celebrated at the Holy Spirit Chapel at the Society of the Divine Word ( SVD ), presided by our most reverend Bishop, Luis Antonio Tagle.
An agape then followed after the celebration of the mass, and in the afternoon,
the FJY, together with some Filipino brothers prepared a simple program as an entertainment for the visitors and as a gift for the newly ordained Deacons.

Thanksgiving Mass of Fr. Wilson in Talon

Fr. WilsonMay 29 Fr. Wilson came back to our community since after his ordination and on May 31, 2009 he had his Thanksgiving Mass in Talon chapel. In the afternoon we had a little celebration with the representatives from the village and all the members of FJY. Each group and each country had contributed a presentation for the joy of the day; especially FJY had two numbers which took us a lot of time and effort to practice before that. May our good God bless all of us and remember each others in our prayer always.

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New Acolytes, Novies

This coming Thursday April, 30, 09 the first time in history Salvatorian will have three brothers take the acolyte.


+ Bro. Damien

+ Bro. Dominic

+ Bro. Theeban


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