Young men and women follow father Jordan, living by the Gospel and being witnesses of Christ on earth

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Fr. Jordan

Summer Class


Since before the summer started we were already discussing about what could be our activities this summer, many ideas were coming out, some ideas were impossible, but some were accepted like “summer class.” It was for the purpose of helping the teachers in this summer class and also for us to be able to extent our activities to the other people also. And it came true successfully because of the cooperation of Salvatorian fathers, brothers, volunteer teachers and we, “FJYs.”

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As a youth member, why do I need to attend this event?

At the day, they announced that we will have a recollection; I was hesitated to attend because I was afraid that I will get tired and bored…but still…I attended…

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Caburlotto Youth Camp

What is the purpose of going there? What happen after I went there?

This summer youth camp is a gathering of youth and other religious groups from different places of Amadeo Parish. For me, the purpose of going there is an educational trip, and indeed, it was not just like a usual trip, because I learned a lot of things.

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Christmas caroling, December 2008

Christmas is my most wanted season of the year. The very typical of the Christmas season in the Philippines is the performance of different activities. During Christmas everybody is busy, not because of worrying to earn money but busy in preparing for the birth of our lord Jesus Christ. In every family People busy with decorating the Christmas tree with colorful Christmas light.

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Salvatorian Youth Camp


A month has just passed since the day FJY was founded; we were all excited for our first major activity, the “youth camp” on August 30, 2008. We were divided into three groups and we were given different tasks for the preparation of our presentations.

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