Young men and women follow father Jordan, living by the Gospel and being witnesses of Christ on earth

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Fr. Jordan

Thanksgiving celebration, May 31th, 2009

After the mass we had our picture taking and then in the afternoon we had our celebration. It was a very happy celebration for all of us. Every nationality prepared their presentation for the party. During the celebration one Sri Lanka brother sang a song in his own language. It was really beautiful though I didn’t understand the lyrics of the song. But I appreciated it especially when he explained to us its meaning. After that were the Vietnamese brothers. They performed nicely a Vietnamese song.

A very different presentation was performed by a Chinese brother name Stephen He Long Ge. We didn’t know that he has a hidden talent, magic!!!, yes, he was a “good” magician. That time all of us were so amazed at him. He look so cool in his costume and its decoration. I wonder how he made did that. The celebration became so exciting when the Filipino brothers performed their “killer” dance with the song name DANGEROUSJ. Well they really became “dangerous” at that time. The way they dance is really special because they performed it with their heart and we enjoyed it very much. We were all standing and shouting while they were dancing and even some of us joined with them in the dancing especially during the chorus “dangerous, dangerous, dangerous”.

The excellent presentation was performed by the FJY, this presentation was about how God helped us and change ourselves and the message is that He still loves us and gives us chance for we are his sons and daughters. It was a meaningful lesson for us. Another unforgettable performance was the Tinikling and Muslim Dance, it was so beautiful.    We also enjoyed the merienda that Salvatorian community prepared for all those present.  It was a sumptuous merienda.

FJY. Beverly