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Fr. Jordan

Christmas Party - FJY Idol 2009

After our first outreach program for the special children in Pampuri, we were excitedly preparing for our Christmas celebration. After the cooking and preparing food we started our activities at 4 pm by a Mass offered by Fr. Wojciech Jkraszek SDS, the former local superior of Salvatorian in the Philippines.


During our Christmas many games were played, but one of the games we had called “Hep hep Huray” was the funniest game because of the participation of Salvatorian fathers and brothers. Most of them did not know the game so we had to teach them many times but some were really fast learners like Fr. Wojciech but at the end he was defeated by brother Dominic who was so good in playing that game.


Besides games each group also presented a number like singing, dancing. But the highlight of the party was the “FJY Idol,” which each group had their preventatives of one girl and one boy. The candidates were Pamela, Lea, Louiegie, Andy and Nico who had to perform in various contests like “sport wear,” “casual wear,” “talents.” We had discovered many talents from them, the boys were handsome and the girls were beautiful. But wait…I said each group had to send one girl and one boy but how come there are only five here only, where is the other one? I forgot to include myself. (hahaha…)


During the “question and answer” all of us were so nervous because we didn’t know what to say especially when the “MC” asked the question “If you were given a chance to see Fr. Jordan, what will you ask him?” I couldn’t think of any question so I decided not to ask a question but to say thanks to him only, thanks him for what he had done for us, because without him we would never meet all these Salvatorians.


It was really a nice party, all of us did enjoy it so we felt that the time was too short, hopefully the next Christmas we will have more time and more fun.


FJY. Beverly