Young men and women follow father Jordan, living by the Gospel and being witnesses of Christ on earth

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Fr. Jordan

Pampuri outreach program

Last Christmas I really enjoyed of singing Christmas caroling in the barangay and in different congregations. But when I went to Pampuri, a house for disable children located in Salaban, Amadeo, Cavite and met the children there, I have realized how much I have to be thankful for everything I have. The children there really in a very pathetic situation, they have no family, no parents but all what they have are only the abnormal physical beings and sicknesses. However, God is so good to entrust them into the hand of the “Hospital Brothers,” who are really taking care of them wholeheartedly even though it is a very hard job to do. One thing came into my mid at that time that is “they need our help.” I presented my idea to my co-leaders Boye, Nico, Louiegie, and our advisor, Salvatorian brothers and it was so good that all of us had the same idea so we proceeded to a program to visit them


In the early morning of December 20 all of us were so exciting to go to our destination. We cooked soup, spaghetti and prepared sandwich for ourselves and also for the children, and of course we did not for get to prepare Christmas for them too. When we arrived there a brother from Pampuri oriented us about the “do’s” and “don’t’s” policies we needed to follow, and then we divided ourselves into different groups, and assigned for each group to take care of one child. We presented our Christmas songs, dance, storytelling, taking pictures. We even were given the chance to feed the children, I almost cried when I saw a child had to use a tube to transfer the nutrition, can you imagine how hard it is to eat by your nose with the help of a tube?  But I stopped myself; I need to be strong for the children get their strength through us those take care of them. The best part of the program was the time of giving gift performed by “Santa-brother Harry,” one child started to cry in his smile after he was worn the T-shirt we gave to him.


The time I was with them I felt so happy because in a short time I have helped them and made them smile…


FJY. Beverly