Young men and women follow father Jordan, living by the Gospel and being witnesses of Christ on earth

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Fr. Jordan

Summer Class

The summer class started in the beginning of May and ended on May 28, 2009 for all the children from kinder garden up to High school student. I really enjoyed being with them, not only because of they were so cute but also because of being with them make me remember the time when I was still a child like them. There were also grades 1 and 2 students; they were really very naughty especially the boys, but I’m sure you will be happy if you are with them. The grade 3 are the quietest students, the grades 4, 5 and 6 are not so much noisy at that because they are already grew up, they know what to do, they know to listen and when to talk, and I’m really happy for that. We were really happy not only because it was successful but also because we have helped many children, and we also have learned from them a lot, especially to be patient (hahaha…)

Before we ended our summer class “FJY” also prepare for the children a program called “Kids Camp.” It was not like a typical kin of camp, we did not stay overnight, but only having games for the whole afternoon. All of us really did enjoy it. In the evening we have graduation for them, the Salvatorian fathers and brothers prepared gifts and certificates for each of students, for the teachers and for us too.

After a long suffering (a enjoyable suffering) we had finished it successfully. I am expecting that this will be repeated again and I hope that the Salvatorian fathers and brothers will continue this program because many children are very happy because of their helps. May all of us continue to do this good things and may God continue to help, guide and bless us.

FJY. Lhea.