Young men and women follow father Jordan, living by the Gospel and being witnesses of Christ on earth

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Fr. Jordan

Caburlotto Youth Camp

For example I learned how to cooperate with the other teams, helping each other if someone is going down, team work and leadership. In this gathering I learned how to hold a group even if I am not actually the group leader, because they taught me how to be a good one, they shared to me some secret techniques of leadership.

Since we are in a group, I will share with you something; they said to be a leader is going to be a hard work, yes I agree with that but until I get the right formula… number 1 “listen”, number 2 “make”.. and number 3 “follow”

First you should “listen” to plans and suggestions… then talk to them the “positive” and the “negative” aspects of that. And then after that you can easily decide what you are going to do…

Second is to “make” something good for your group, and try to combine all the suggestions, so that there would not be bad feelings…

Last is to “follow”. How will they follow if the leader is a bad example? You should lead them to the right path… and you should follow equally like the others…in the same time and same rules.

That night I was tired because I and my group mates are talking until morning, my eyes could not open anymore…but despite of that I felt so happy, I felt like I was nearer to Jesus. Talking with other people I have learned a lot of things. I was so happy because there are lots of things to do, a lot of people to meet… and of course a lot of food to eat… It was just like going to some other places, because through sharing and friendship I could learn about their places and culture.

I wish that there will be a next big event just like that so I can join again.

FJY. Nico