Young men and women follow father Jordan, living by the Gospel and being witnesses of Christ on earth

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Member Talk

FJY. Krisken.

I am Krisken Mareiz Ambat, 14 years old, and a member of FJY. I was born in Talon, Amadeo, Cavite, Philippines on May 2, 1995. My parents are Mr. and Mrs. Manolito Ambat. I am the youngest in a family of 5 children and I am a third year student in Talon National High School.


I’ve never expected that I would be given a chance to know Fr. Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan. He is the inspiration behind “FJY” and I am very thankful to him because his life and his works encourage me to do acts of kindness.


As I become an FJY member, I have an opportunity to improve myself. I tried to change my attitude towards a lot of things. I learned to repent for my sins, I started to read and discover the Bible. Before I used to have a lot of mistakes but now, I commit less of them because I ask God to help me discern which is right and which is wrong. Truly, “FJY” put directions and order to my life.


My membership to this organization brought me many friends who used to be simply known to as one of my neighbors or classmates. Now, we are closer to each other and starting to build a good relationship. One very good realization is that God and Fr. Jordan brought us together.


I am delighted to be a member of FJY! And I pray to God to continue guiding its members!

FJY. Carlo.


I could fully say that Fr. Jordan and I are similar in one way or another. But what could it be?


When I was a young boy, I was naughty! I used to fight with my brothers, sisters, classmates, and playmates, but I had a lot of friends. As I grew older, I changed, I turned into a reserved teenager, I avoided fighting and I stopped talking about senseless things.


I belong to a big family. I am the seventh child and I still have younger siblings. Due to some financial difficulties, my mother cannot send all of us to school because she doesn’t earn much. My father died more than a year ago and my older siblings are already married and attend to their own families.


I was not able to go to college this school year, but I don’t have any intention to give up. I will find ways so I can go, perhaps in the year after.


My life may not be that colorful or interesting at all, but “FJY” transformed it. When I started to join this organization, I have learned a lot of things, and had new friends. In this group, we all help each other to be closer to God.


I am a proud of FJY and I am delighted to be a part of this group!



FJY. Louiegie.

In the past one year, I was just a student who took part only in few activities of the Church as an Altar server and I had a very poor knowledge about God. But since I become a member of “FJY” I had an extraordinary feeling and energy.If before I was always thinking that as a student I am not able to do much for the Church and the people, now this organization has proved for me that I can do much more than that, I can be able not only to improve myself but even to help and serve the others.


Together with other members of “FJY” who are now my brothers and sisters in this second family and under the guidance of the Salvatorian brothers, I have learned how to do the tasks by myself. And I have really learned how to go on confidently with my life.


FJY. Boyet.

Before I was just a simple person who didn’t know what life is, I used to think that study, family and friends are enough. But when I met Salvatorians something had changed in me, I became an Altar server, I got to know the life and works of Fr. Jordan and I was inspired by it. As I was trying to get to know more about Fr. Jordan I was given a chance to become member of the newly formed organization called “Fr. Jordan Youth.” So I joined in this “FJY” and then I could learn more about Fr. Jordan, learn more about God, and my life has become better and happier. I have learned how to be with other members, learned to do good things.


In the beginning of course I got some difficulties, for I did not know much about the other members, their characteristics and their personality. But as time passed by, I have learned how to get along well with them because of their openness and friendliness. And now “FJY” become my second family and each of the members become my friends. Through “FJY” I have learned how to be responsible and serious in what I do, though their advices I have learned how to face the problems and difficulties coming into my life and be able to solve them.


For me, “FJY” is not just only an organization for the poor, the hopeless but it is also where the people can build friendship, love and life.


FJY. Kim

It was like a dream to become a member of “FJY,” we are always cheerful and helpful for the people in the community by participating in many activities of the Church. Almost one year ago, when the Salvatorians headed by Fr. Hubert Kranz, launched “FJY” I volunteered to join. I remember during the orientation, we prayed and somebody talked about the life and works of Fr. Jordan and through this I was given a better perspective as regards God and the Church.


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