Young men and women follow father Jordan, living by the Gospel and being witnesses of Christ on earth

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FJY diary

FJY. Beverly

“From a simple to a very meaningful life” that is what I can use to describe myself after that short period of time. I have treasured for myself a lot of experiences which have helped and changed my life obviously. “FJY” for me is not just simply a youth organization but it is “a family” in which I have to act as an elder sister to my brothers and sisters. Being a leader is not an easy job to do; it sometimes even makes me cry because of the feeling of helplessness, a feeling that I can’t make things work. But as one of the brothers has said to me that it is my role so I have to act as a leader. And it is really a lot of works, from attending meeting in Amadeo, deciding activities to do, assigning the readers and the ones to do Rosary, training the discipline for the members (though sometimes I even can’t discipline myself, hahaha…)


But beside these are also so many beautiful experiences like learning how to help the others, how to share my blessing to the others. I know that not only a priest or a nun can teach and share the Word of God but even a simple youth like me can do teach too, I can tell to the people how God loves us and blesses us. And of course I can do it only with the guidance and inspiration of Father Jordan, the one I have always admired. First of all it is because of his life with many trials he had to encounter but they could not stop him from spreading the Good News to all the people. And I just want to say thanks to him, “thank you very much father, because without you my life is not like what it is now, you have changed my life through your disciples, the Salvatorian fathers and brothers. And without you I would never meet my friends who are so dear to me as brothers and sisters. Thank you very much father!”


It is wonderful to get answers for your prayers but it is even more wonderful to let God mold you and make you into an answer for somebody’s prayer.