Young men and women follow father Jordan, living by the Gospel and being witnesses of Christ on earth

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FJY diary

FJY. Andy


I learned about Fr. Jordan when I became a member of the “FJY” last year. Before that my life was very boring, I did not give time to God at all, I could not even find meaning in my life. But after knowing Fr. Jordan, I realized many things about life and God, knowing him and his works which I am trying to imitate to change my life.


Fr. Jordan’s life was full of hardship, he was born and grew up in a very poor family, he had to face many difficulties throughout his life, but all of these trials did not turn him down for he trusted God extraordinarily well. His life changed from the day of his First Holy Communion, he had a vision of a white dove flying around his head and up to heaven. My life was changed too, not by a white dove but by my encounter with him. I believe that he is God’s gift to me; he really touched my life and made me a better person and a better Christian. Through him, I learned to discover myself, I learned to pray, to attend mass regularly, and most of all to love and be faithful to God.


Without being a member of “FJY”, I would never know Fr. Jordan, I would not be what I am now. As a member of this group, I encountered different kinds of people; I learned how to get along well with them. I discovered the importance of being open to share my experiences with the others. In helping other people I also can learn a lot from them and the experiences of these people that I deal with give me essential life lessons. With “FJY”, I’ve discovered many things about myself, I found out that it is alright to express my opinions and feelings to those who are always with me. The experiences with the group have taught me how to serve God and others. Our activities helped me pray… pray with all my heart! And all these prayers deepened my faith in God.


Of course, FJY brought me fun and enjoyment as well! Being its member for one year was an adventure for me. Aside from meeting different kinds of people, we went to many beautiful churches. We visited other formation houses and met other seminarians from various congregations. We even had a chance to visit and mingle with disabled children. For the first time I experienced Bible sharing, I was so delighted to be given the opportunity to participate in youth camps, recollections, sports and summer activities, and many more! And I really enjoyed them all! Very much!!


Truly, FJY is always and will be in my heart. It is like my second family. Everyone and everything about it is good!  It’s true, that as its members, we encountered trials. At times, we misunderstood each other. Sometimes, there were arguments. But all of these strengthened our unity, after one year, I can confidently declare that I am proud to be an FJY member! This organization improved my well-being. And I really believe that many good things are still waiting ahead of us.