Young men and women follow father Jordan, living by the Gospel and being witnesses of Christ on earth

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FJY diary

The meaning of life

The first thing I have learned in Philosophy is this “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Actually it is not so much as a philosophical matter to study but it is what all of the young people like you and me do, we are seeking for the meaning and purpose of our life in order to improve and share with other people.


Seven years ago I was just a teenager like anyone of you; I was living in confusion and hopelessly finding the meaning of my life. I have worked so hard and struggled so much but still did not know what I was living for. I have encountered different kinds of people, and I am always grateful for those who have given me the inspiration and energy to transform my life or at least guided my youthful years not to go too far in the erroneous way.


The turning point of my life was the moment I decided to follow the call of vocation which brought me to the Philippines in the year 2005 and to this beautiful place of Talon in 2006, and also given me the opportunity to be a part of “FJY” and part of your life. The first time I met you, I was impressed by your enthusiasm and energy, it is like a stream of water flowing wildly which just need to be blocked to be an irrigational work for the usefulness and benefit of life. I found in you my past and I want to share with you what changed my life and who helped me to do it, with the hope that you too may find the meaning of your life in relation with him. Fr. Jordan, he was one of the people who have helped me to find the meaning of my life, as a young guy I would look for it in all sort of material things but through him I’ve come to understand that my life is nothing if I am not in relationship with God and working for his purpose.


We’ve been together for one year, now when I look back I see that we’ve gone so far. One year is not a big number but it was a big event, an event has changed the life of most of us. One year of associating with you and guiding you has made a deep impact in my heart, it turns me from a “stranger” to be your brother, who knows each one of you not only by name and face but by your characters, personalities and feelings. One year of guiding you I have learned so much, if it was for you the first time to associate in a youth group so also the first time for me to be a guide. It was a challenge, a challenge for every one of us, no matter as a guide, a leader or a member. But that is the meaning of “youth”, to accept challenge and to overcome it. Besides joy there was also disappointments, anger, sadness…but they are parts of the game, they are part of life to make it more colorful and complete.


The time remains for me to be with you may not be so long anymore but you can be sure that each one of you has a special place in my life and in my heart no matter wherever I will be. I hope that one year being a member of “FJY” would give you the energy to be ready to love, to take responsibility, to face and make decision for your life.


Bro. Clement