Young men and women follow father Jordan, living by the Gospel and being witnesses of Christ on earth

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FJY diary

FJY. Pamela.

I am Pamela D. Quito, 13 years old, and was born and residing in Talon, Amadeo, Cavite, Philippines. I am a third year high school student at La Belle Montessori School. My Dad, Noel is an electrician. He works abroad. My Mom, Lorna is a plain housewife. She takes care of us. She attends to my school needs and that of my sister’s, Pia.


Fr. Jordan, the inspiration of FJY and I have something in common. He was mischievous when he was a young boy. I am, too. We both faced difficulties just so we could go to school. Luckily, my parents do their best to support and guide us. We both aspired to be good role models to young people. He is already successful. I am still trying. He tried his best to have a better life; I am still hoping and preparing for one.


The longer and closer interaction with the FJY members brought me closer to God.  Now, I am more prayerful because I was introduced to read and discover the Bible. I always seek Him, whether I am in trouble or not. In fact, I commune with Him upon waking up in the morning, before and after eating, before going to bed, and at times, every hour. My prayers at present are similar to a conversation with Him, as though I see Him right beside me. I always give thanks, especially in the morning, after realizing that He gave me another day to live.


My new-found friends and guides, the Salvatorian priests and seminarians taught me how to live harmoniously with others. I learned to be more patient of one’s shortcomings and appreciative of one’s strengths. I adapted to varied personalities. I helped and was helped, as well. With a lot of compassion, I assisted those with difficulties. I faced my own trials. I became more resilient and independent. Finally, I realized the value of self-sacrifice and concern for others – the two important virtues that are essential to keep a good relationship going.