Young men and women follow father Jordan, living by the Gospel and being witnesses of Christ on earth

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FJY diary

FJY. Nico


What is FJY for me? What happen or what am I before FJY is established? What happened that I joined the group?

For me FJY is not only a group consists of leaders, members and SDS brothers. It’s like my own family. It’s a good thing to have because you can trust all the members, leaders and brothers with your personal life; they accept what you are now and what you were before.

Before I join the group, I am only a person with bad attitude, the attitude of a nuisance, but not so much like criminal. I always go bad places doing bad things.

After I join the group, I realize that there are lots of things to do. And that is going to church, singing religious song, reading Bible and participating to some events of youth.

And now I have a work because of the advice of the youth who recommended me to their friend in a company.

I am very thankful because I have a family like the FJY.

I am happy that we are still going strong. I hope that this good friendship will continue to the next generation

That is FJY for me. Without FJY I will be NOTHING.