Young men and women follow father Jordan, living by the Gospel and being witnesses of Christ on earth

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FJY diary

FJY. Krisken.

I am Krisken Mareiz Ambat, 14 years old, and a member of FJY. I was born in Talon, Amadeo, Cavite, Philippines on May 2, 1995. My parents are Mr. and Mrs. Manolito Ambat. I am the youngest in a family of 5 children and I am a third year student in Talon National High School.


I’ve never expected that I would be given a chance to know Fr. Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan. He is the inspiration behind “FJY” and I am very thankful to him because his life and his works encourage me to do acts of kindness.


As I become an FJY member, I have an opportunity to improve myself. I tried to change my attitude towards a lot of things. I learned to repent for my sins, I started to read and discover the Bible. Before I used to have a lot of mistakes but now, I commit less of them because I ask God to help me discern which is right and which is wrong. Truly, “FJY” put directions and order to my life.


My membership to this organization brought me many friends who used to be simply known to as one of my neighbors or classmates. Now, we are closer to each other and starting to build a good relationship. One very good realization is that God and Fr. Jordan brought us together.


I am delighted to be a member of FJY! And I pray to God to continue guiding its members!