Young men and women follow father Jordan, living by the Gospel and being witnesses of Christ on earth

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FJY diary

FJY. Boyet.

Before I was just a simple person who didn’t know what life is, I used to think that study, family and friends are enough. But when I met Salvatorians something had changed in me, I became an Altar server, I got to know the life and works of Fr. Jordan and I was inspired by it. As I was trying to get to know more about Fr. Jordan I was given a chance to become member of the newly formed organization called “Fr. Jordan Youth.” So I joined in this “FJY” and then I could learn more about Fr. Jordan, learn more about God, and my life has become better and happier. I have learned how to be with other members, learned to do good things.


In the beginning of course I got some difficulties, for I did not know much about the other members, their characteristics and their personality. But as time passed by, I have learned how to get along well with them because of their openness and friendliness. And now “FJY” become my second family and each of the members become my friends. Through “FJY” I have learned how to be responsible and serious in what I do, though their advices I have learned how to face the problems and difficulties coming into my life and be able to solve them.


For me, “FJY” is not just only an organization for the poor, the hopeless but it is also where the people can build friendship, love and life.