Young men and women follow father Jordan, living by the Gospel and being witnesses of Christ on earth

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About Us

A brief history of FJY



In the early of July 2008 an announcement was made regarding about forming a youth group for the purpose of sharing the Word of God and personal experiences in the Talon. The group was named Father Jordan Youth (FJY) under the supervisor of the Salvatorian fathers and brothers in Salvatorian Formation house in the Philippines. Though the young people got no idea who father Jordan is but they were exciting to see a new youth foundation to be formed. After all the efforts had given the meeting on July, 6, 2008 was cancelled because of an unexpected typhoon came.

July, 13, 2008 the first meeting for orientation took place in Talon Chapel with only 12 young people attended. Despite of that a great enthusiastic was found in this handful of people and then a following meeting was decided.

July, 20, 2008 After the Sunday mass 38 young people came to Salvatorian house and ask to be enrolled into the group. A simple liturgy ceremony was made and following by the orientation for the group which determined that the purpose of the group is

-          To follow the example of father Francis Jordan to live as a better Christian and being witnesses for God

-           To share the personal experiences and knowledge to  help one another develop and become  better young men and  women in the community

-          To serve the community and participate in the liturgy and Apostolic works.

And then a lecture was given about father Francis Jordan (1948-1918) the founder of Salvatorian family, a man of faith, of prayer and a witness of hope for the poor student. This has really encouraged these young men and women to study more about his life and his spirit in order that they can follow him to become

-          Better sons and daughters for the family

-          Better students for the school

-          Better Christians for the Church

-          Better residents for the community.

A schedule was made for the group that every Saturday the group has Bible Sharing, every Thursday the group is in charge of the liturgy for the Mass in the Chapel of Salvatorian formation house, every one Sunday in a month the group is in charge of the liturgy in the Chapel of the sub-parish. And in addition for that there will be activities such as Apostolic works, recollection, youth camp, vocation orientation, classes about life and spirit of Fr. Jordan … the group is always flexible according to the situation and in response for the needs of the young people and for the needs of the community and the Church. The leadership is cooperation between Salvatorian brothers and the youths.


From the first meeting on, the schedule was carried out to practice regularly with Bible sharing, Fr. Jordan class, liturgy services…and then …

In August, 30, 09 the first ever youth camp of FJY took place in Salvatorian formation house with the theme “Youths & Fr. Jordan”. The preparation started from very early after that is the contest of setting and decorating of the tents and then the cooking contest. Personally I was amazed at the way how the FJYs cooperated with one another in doing works. The each of the members was assigned by the group leaders so they all know their duties and roles in the camp. When they arrived each of the members started to do their duties and at the end all jobs were done perfectly. In the whole night activities we had, liturgy ceremony, we have movie viewing, group sharing, group presentation such as singing, dancing, drama… and especially we have “Youths & Fr. Jordan,” it was a contest on the knowledge about Fr. Jordan based on the classes they were given previously. It was a big surprise for the Salvatorians to see how these young men and women are interesting in Fr. Jordan through their amazing knowledge about him.

Youth Camp was ended in the following morning. Everyone was very tired but the joy and exciting could still see in their faces. Each was a great occasion for them to share and to learn from one another, though this youth camp the group was once again united together in the spirit of Fr. Jordan.


And the group came back to the normal schedule with the normal activities until September, 28, 2009 we were invited to join a “Vocation Camp” of the Parish. It was also a great occasion for the FJYs to have an orientation in their search for vocation. In October we had our trip to “People Park in the sky”

November, 28, 2008 a recollection took place to prepare the FJYs for the birthday of Christ, Christmas 2008. Four Salvatorian sisters came and together with some other Salvatorian brothers were guiding the recollection.

December was a busy month for FJY. We have spent a lot of time and effort for song practice and then we went to each of the congregation in the parish, houses in the village to bring them the joy of Christmas through our songs and smile. December, 20, 2008 in the morning we made a trip to visit the house of disable children to bring them Christmas joy. The trip have inspired these young people to realize how lucky they are to have a physical body, a family like they are having and to be grateful for that, and also too look with the sympathy for those whose are less unfortunate then them.

In the night of the same day we had our Christmas party, besides exchanging of gifts, presentation we have our “First FJY Idol Contest.” It was a friendly talent contest of the members in the group. Personally once again I was amazed at the talents and creativities of these young people.

A new year came; a new page of FJY history is opened. In the beginning of the New Year we had experienced the changing of the membership and structure in the group, we had try to go one family to another to have our Bible sharing. After a short period of time it is amazing for me to see how these young people were transformed from children to be young men and women full of commitment and responsibility in the group, and I thank the Holy Spirit for this gift was given upon us.

Lenten season of 2008 FJY had the second recollection on April, 6 with the theme “40 days.” It all about lent and the meaning of each Lenten liturgical ceremony, repentance and the spirit of lent. I think it was really helpful for the youths because they through this recollection they were amazed at how little their knowledge is about their own religion which they have been practicing for years.

April 7, 2008 once day after the recollection we made a trip to visit and pray to different churches as it is the custom here in the country. On Holy Thursday, April 9, 2008 these young men and women had spent a whole night to adore and worship the Blessed Sacrament to express their devotion.

A busy April is ending; we are looking forward for our summer activities on May such as Kids Camp, Outing, and Apostolic works, and the our anniversary on July and the second enrollment for new membership… Through the intercession of Fr. Francis Jordan may God bless FJY, May God our activities.

I wish all the best for you dear FJYs; please remember each other in our prayer.